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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1. We are so looking forward to meeting you all in September.

Year 1

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Meet The Team

Welcome to year 1. The teaching team consists of Mrs Leader (1JL) Year 1 Lead supported by Mrs Hersey, Miss Vicary (1SV) supported by Miss Gray, Mr Clancy (1LC) supported by Mrs Taylor and Miss Webster (1JW) supported by Miss Swanson. PE will be delivered by Mr Broughton and Mr Lofts and music by Miss Harker.

Important Information

Daily routine -

Home/school books (yellow books)

please bring your yellow home/school contact book to school daily. Please use this book to inform the class teacher of any change to collection/drop off routines. The book is also used to pass messages or information to your teacher and also to enable the teacher to communicate messages back to parents.

Reading record books

Once reading books have been distributed both reading books and the green reading record books are to be brought into school daily for quiet reading time. Books will be changed on a Tuesday and a Friday once read at home. We encourage as much home reading as possible as the benefits of home reading are huge. Please record in the green record book when you have read at home. We collate our home reading activity as a year group and challenge the children to read a minimum of 3 times a week at home.


We will issue your child with a red 'Homework book' this is yours to keep at home to stick in your spelling and maths lists if you would like. This book does not need to be brought back into school.

Each week, your child will be given a list of personalised spellings to learn. Please support your child and help them to learn these words. New spellings will be given out on a Friday and a spelling test will take place the following Friday. The maths focus this term will be to learn number bonds to 10 (2 numbers that add to 10). Homework does not need to be handed in but practised throughout the week to support spelling and maths tests. Please record in the green record book when you have read at home. This can be your child's school reading book or class focused author book. We challenge the children to read a minimum of 3 times a week at home.


PE will be every Friday. Due to weather changes and/or restrictions in available space in school please send your child with their PE kit every Monday and be kept at school all week as days may change (at the moment an outdoor kit is required). We will send PE kits home on a Friday for washing.

Maths Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFS)

Every fortnight we will learn 4 key instant recall facts (KIRFS) to help the children remember and recall some essential Year 1 maths facts. Please help your child to recall or learn some of these facts whilst at home. Our first cycle is:

Even numbers end in 0, 2, 4, 6, 8

Odd numbers end in 1, 3, 5, 7,9 

Doubles of all numbers to 10

Adding (+) makes a number larger

Autumn Term Spelling Overview

Year 1 Curriculum Overview Autumn Term

Here is just a selection of what Year 1 have been doing x

Design and Technology ...


In DT we looked at where food comes from .... and we don’t mean the shops! 

We looked at categorising food types under the headings from an animal or plant.

Being a theologian...


In R.E. this week, we have been thinking about the question "What makes me unique?" 

We talked as a class about how our appearance and personality makes us unique. We then linked this to Christian celebrations. We are unique because we have different birthdays,  we all celebrate Christmas differently and some of us were christened as a baby. 

No two people in this world are the same. Isn't that amazing!

Being a good communicator

Spoken Language

Well done Year 1 😃 what a fabulous first day in year 1 we have had x Welcome to all the new pupils, and their parents/carers, we met today. The children were FANTASTIC! 
We look forward to welcoming the rest of our pupils tomorrow. 

Settling In x

Year 1 have done themselves proud this week. The children have been fantastic! They have followed instructions, adapted to new routines, made new friends, met new teachers and come into school quickly, smartly and with minimal fuss ... superb!

Look at how proud they are at 'getting on independently' in a morning. Well done to you all.


Understanding Feelings with The Colour Monster

As part of our focus on personal, social and emotional wellbeing we have read the book The Colour Monster. This book is a fantastic way to help children understand their feelings and encourage them to talk about them to others. We have enjoyed making some of our own Colour Monsters during art that represent our different feelings.