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Pupil Welcome

At Old Clee Primary Academy, we are all independent learners, who have a growth mind-set towards all of our work, but we also work brilliantly as a team and support each other too! No matter how hard our learning is, we encourage our classmates to achieve their goals. The teachers at our school are reliable, trustworthy and supportive – they are all really caring in their own individual ways.


All of the children at Old Clee Primary Academy are sensible and responsible – we take pride in everything we do. If you are struggling with something, there is always somebody to turn to, who will make you feel safe and comfortable.


In our school, it is ok to make mistakes – we all do it sometimes! We learn from these mistakes and use our experiences to help us become resilient. We are all unique at Old Clee Primary Academy and this is something we are really proud of!


We hope to see you soon; then you can see how amazing our school is for yourself!


Maddison, Leighton, Holly & Indi