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Pupil Welcome

Our School

At Old Clee Primary Academy, we are SUPERB citizens. By the time we leave, we want to make sure we have really good values and make everyone around us proud. We have learnt the meaning of the following words and are constantly working to be:


S – Self aware

U – Unique

P – Problem solving

E – Empathetic

R – Responsible

B – Benevolent


Our Staff

The staff at Old Clee Primary Academy are extraordinary! They keep us safe, help us learn and encourage us to be independent, reflective learners. When we make a mistake, they ensure that we understand and learn from it. There is always somebody to listen to you and give advice if you need it. This can be adults and other children.  Our teachers take care of us and make sure we make the most of every single day, both inside and outside the classroom!


Our Children

All of the children in our school are unique, but we all share the same love of learning. We work together to support each other at all times and make sure everybody feels happy and included. When we are completing work, we have a growth mindset to help us learn and achieve our goals. We celebrate our differences and share our passions and experiences from outside of school too. We have ambassadors on the playground – they help us make good choices and can talk through issues if anyone is feeling sad. It is a privilege to become an ambassador or a student councillor. It is great to have such supportive peers and there is always somebody to go to if you ever need to talk!

Please come and visit us soon to see for yourself what an amazing school we attend!


Macie, Grace, Jayden, Oscar, Alex & Adele