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Pupil Welcome

In our opinion, our school offers its pupils a safe, fantastic opportunity to learn! We should know; for most of our lives we’ve been here, learning. We are extremely proud of our school and its teachers for how they have nurtured us over the last few years. Learning can be tricky at times: there’s so much to remember, but our school has given us unbelievably exciting and fun learning experiences which have helped.


Our school has many different faces and personalities. The one thing we have in common is that we play for the same learning team- Old Clee! And we love to see new people and help them feel welcome in our team. We all have a growth mindset: anything is possible if you focus and persevere. So, rather than us tell you, we hope to see you soon so we can show you and then you can see our wonderful school for yourself!


Bethany Gillatt

Paul Mann

Abigail Coulbeck

Sienna Cookson