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Read your ZPD book or a book you have at home for 10-15 minutes each morning during reading time. You can complete your own book review or reading activity linked to a character or the plot like we would in school. If you do a fabulous piece of work, Miss Stevens would love to see your work. You can send it to her at

Reading Comprehension - Week beginning 18th January


This week you will have two reading lessons. The focus for the first lesson (Tuesday) is to work on your vocabulary skills. Complete lesson 1 and self-assess your work. After that, you have a comprehension activity to work through for lesson 2 (Friday). Complete lesson 2 and self-assess your answers.

You can type directly on the worksheet into the text box, print the sheets off and write on them or write the question number/ letter down and answer in your book/ on a piece of paper.

Remember you can also complete any book reviews, character description or reading activities linked to your reading book or a book you have at home.

Enjoy J

Daily Story Time links 


This week, we are going to start reading The Wizard of Oz. When you have opened the link, scroll down the page to hear the audio and to read the text. There will be a new chapter loaded daily. 


Then by Morris Gleitzman 



Please listen to the end of 'Once' so you know what happened before we move on to 'Then'. Use the two links below to access the video.