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Read your ZPD book or a book you have at home for 10-15 minutes each morning during reading time. You can complete your own book review or reading activity linked to a character or the plot like we would in school. If you do a fabulous piece of work, Miss Stevens would love to see your work. You can send it to her at



WB 29.03.21


Read the text extract from 'All In A Summer Day’. There might be a few words you are unsure of. Write a list of these words and look up the meaning of them to help you understand the text.


After that, look at the questions linked to the text and answer them using the text to help you.

Mark your answers with the answer sheet. If you have got any questions wrong, correct your answer and see if you can work out why it should be that.


Give yourself a score for the questions and write a self-assessment comment for how you feel you did with this text today.