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                                                                          What can we achieve this week?

Here are the definitions of some of the words that we look at this week in our writing and SPaG, E.G: 



Click on the sheet below to help you. There are definitions of Fronted adverbials, adverbs and many, many more to help you with your learning. 


Please click the link below to watch our fantastic cursive handwriting support video!


You can also view other handwriting videos on our Spelling, punctuation and grammar home learning page! 

Writing Task 25.01.21

This week, we are going to be writing our own instructions for a recipe. Think about the following questions:

Have you ever used a recipe?


Why could you not create something without using one? 

Who might use a recipe? 


Later in the week, once you have created your instructions, you might like to make the recipe, obviously with the help of an adult. 



Lesson 1 (Tuesday): 

First, we need look at a WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like) and find the writing features of instructions. These features will help us understand what needs to be included in instructions so that when we come to writing our own, we will be able to add them. When we have finished, you might like to use the instructions to create your very own quesadillas.

Firstly, read through the text and identify any words you don’t know.

Secondly, find these words in a dictionary.

Thirdly, please use the success criteria checklist below and underline the features that you find. The WAGOLL is on the next page.


Please use the learning video below to help you understand the purpose of a recipe and find the features. 


Here is our learning video:  

Lesson 2 (Wednesday): 


If you could complete the SPaG activity on imperative verbs (bossy verbs) to warm you up for literacy today. I'm sure some of you will already be a pro at these!


First you will need to do the imperative verb starter. After, you will be planning your instructions ready to make a quesadilla. Make sure you watch the video of Miss Blake making hers at the weekend as this will help you order the steps. You need to make sure you are only writing yours as notes and include key words. You will need this plan with all your fabulous ideas and vocabulary when you write your instructions tomorrow.  I have filled the first box in for you as an example.



Miss Blake's amazing video: 

Come Diner with Miss Blake:



Click the learning video to help you understand what to do :) 

Writing Session 2 Learning Video - 


Have fun! 

Lesson 3 (Thursday)

You will need to use your plan to help you write your instruction about quesadillas. Make sure you have watched the video so that you know how to make them. Remember, you will need to tick off the ideas on your plan. Please use the success criteria to help you. You might like to write a sentence and then look back at the success criteria to think about what your next sentence might include so that slowly all of the features are ticked off. Don’t leave this until the end. You might like to use an online thesaurus to help you think of some synonyms that sound more exciting. For example: make = create.


Here is our learning Video:





Lesson 4 (Friday):

Today, we are going to be improving a sentence.

First, we need to read through our own work and check to see if it makes sense. If you don’t understand it, then the reader will not be able to understand it.

Secondly, you will need to choose a sentence which you think needs improving.

Thirdly, Use the success criteria to help you. If you have got someone who can look through your instructions at home, you might like to make the changes that they suggest. You might like to improve more than one sentence.

Ultimately, once you have done this and with adult support, you might like to have a go at creating your own. P.S. Only if parents and carers say it’s okay! 


Have will you make yours?



Writing Session 4 Learning Video -