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Extra Curricular Sport

#LetGirlsPlay - Pictured below is Pixie, our Year 1 footballing superstar! Pixie of recent just competed in her FIRST COMPETITIVE FOOTBALL MATCH for Discoveries! :) An incredible inspiration for all other children to look at joining a club. If you require support in finding opportunities outside of School please contact the office. We're all excited to see her progress, keep up the hard work Pixie.

American Football - 

Our Y6 children have recently been introduced to American Football, to say its gone down a hit would be a massive understatement! The group have gone through position's, rules and some techniques on sending the ball - in our previous weeks we've had a detailed look at how strategic the game of American Football is. Upcoming, allowing the children to create their own routes and game plans with an insight from resources and our training from previous weeks will be very interesting.