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WC 25.01.21 Science Home Learning:

Seasons and the Weather

This week in science we are looking at the seasons and the weather associated with them. Are they the same or are the different? Sing the season’s song on YouTube. It can be found on our website.

Prior knowledge talk task: What do your children already know about the seasons?

 Starter activity: Children will know it is cold in the winter and hot in summer. Spring and autumn are trickier. The starter activity is to read and enjoy the story ‘Seren’s seasons’.

New learning: Give the children a copy of Seren’s seasons. Can they find the weather types mentioned in the story? Children can fill in the research grid. Explain to the children that in summer days are longer because there is more sunlight. They are shorter in winter because there is less sunlight.

Write up: Children can write about the weather and the day length using their research grid to help them.


WC 18.01.21 Science Home Learning

This week in science we are learning about seasonal changes with a focus on winter.

Talk Task

Find out what your child already knows about winter.

Starter activity: Classify clothes.

Children should know that classify means to sort. Children need to sort the clothes into what they would wear in the summer and what they would wear in the winter.

Research Task: Find out about winter

Using the handout provided or the internet fill in the winter research grid. This does not need to be full sentences just key words or phrases.

For example in winter clothes you child may just write hat or coat (or both).

Write up

Your child can share their findings by writing up a mini report with sub-headings

For example:

Winter Clothes

In winter you wear a hat and a coat because it is cold.