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In nursery this week our focus is to work on the 5 stages of counting. 

1. One-One- Can your child line up a selection of objects and count them, giving on number for each object?

2. Rote Counting- Can your child count from one to ten in the correct order, without missing any numbers out and starting at the number one?

3. Cardinal Principle- Does your child understand that the final number said when counting a group of objects is its total?/

4. Abstraction Principle- Does your child understand that anything can be counted including things that cannot be touched, including sounds and movements?

5. Order-Irrelevance- Does your child understand that however we count a group of objects, whether it be from left to right, right to left, or if the objects are moved, the total will still be the same?

The Shapes Song (children's song for learning basic shapes)

Something Special Shapes