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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Here you can find key information and hear all about the exciting learning that is taking place in our year group.


Meet the Team

The Year 2 team consists of Mrs Croucher, Mrs Hall, Mrs Airey, Miss Shields, Miss Blair, Miss Skudder and Mrs Taylor.


Daily Items

Home-school books and reading books and records should be brought into school every day. It is also encouraged that your child brings their own bottle of water each day.


PE Kit

Year 2 pupils will usually have PE on a Wednesday and a Friday. However, PE kit should be brought into school on a Monday and taken home on a Friday as it means pupils will have their kits if there are any changes to the usual timetable.



Homework (Maths homework and Spellings) is set on a Friday. Completed homework can be brought in on any day but must be in by the following Friday. Learning multiplication tables is an on-going part of homework but will have a different focus each week.

Times Tables Rockstars Spring 1

We will be focusing on our 2x, 5x and 10x tables.

These are words which all pupils in Year 2 should be able to spell and read.

Maths - Key Instant Recall Facts

Pointillism art
The children have enjoyed learning about a famous artist called George Seurat. He was famous for using pointillism, a technique of painting using small dots. The children were eager to experiment with this technique and produced some fantastic symmetrical butterflies! 
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Christmas Showcase 

We enjoyed performing our Christmas showcase for our grown-ups. Our favourite song was Silent Night because we learnt British sign language to the words. We hope you enjoy the video of our song and wish we everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy  New Year. 


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Christmas Jumper Day! 

On Friday 13th December, the children wore their Christmas jumpers to school. This was all in the name of a good cause. By doing so the children helped to raise money for the charity, "Save the Children." The money raised will help other children to have a brighter future. I think we can all agree that the children look fantastic! 

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The Robin Hood Show 
Year 2 enjoyed watching a performance of Robin Hood. There was lots of singing, dancing and fun to be had. The performance told the story of Robin Hood. Even the teachers were involved in a dance competition. The children then wrote a recount of the performance in English, using time connectives to help to sequence their writing. What a super job they did! 
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Odd socks day!
Today we wore our odd socks to help raise awareness of bullying. Odd socks takes place on the first day of anti bullying week each year. We enjoyed showing off our odd socks and we celebrated our individuality and that is what makes us all unique! 
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Being a Musician

In our recent Music lesson, we all took part in our weekly music appraisal. We listened to a piece of music and used the vocabulary we have been learning to respond to the music. We jotted down and discussed the things which we noticed using words like pitch, mood, tempo and pulse. We also tried to identify the voices and instruments which we heard, and thought about how the music made us feel. Mrs Hunter, our Music teacher, was very impressed by our responses and use of key vocabulary during the session.

PE with Mr Broughton

Here are our Year 2 pupils developing their ball skills in their PE sessions with Mr Broughton. We're sure you'll agree that it's great to see the effort and enthusiasm the children are displaying and how much they are enjoying their learning in this area of the curriculum.

Being a Designer

We had great fun sewing in our Design Technology lesson. We all learnt how to begin a running stitch and then practised this skill by carrying out a number of activities. Some of us enjoyed taking part in a weaving activity to practise the motion of a running stitch, and some of us stitched around different shapes. We are developing our sewing skills in preparation for our upcoming Design Technology project, so look out to see more of our D.T. work soon! 

Harvest Festival

We had a special visitor in school on Tuesday 8th October - Father Nik joined us in our assembly to help celebrate Harvest Festival. All of the items which had been kindly donated were on display. First, we sang our harvest song - Cauliflowers Fluffy - which we had practised especially for the occasion, and then Father Nik told us a story all about the importance of thankfulness. As part of the story, boxes were stacked, one on top of the other, to spell out the word HARVEST, but when thankfulness was removed, everything came tumbling down! At the end of the assembly, Father Nik asked us to think about all of the things which we are thankful for.

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Roald Dahl Day, 2019

On Friday 13th September, Year 2 joined the rest of the school in celebrating 'Roald Dahl Day', the annual event which celebrates the work of the much-loved children's author. The pupils looked fantastic in their costumes - a huge thank you to all of the parents and carers for helping the children to have so much fun and embrace the spirit of the day! Each of the Year 2 classes enjoyed taking part in a variety of Roald Dahl activities throughout the day, including talking about and showing off their costumes, writing about their chosen Roald Dahl characters and recreating the likes of Miss Trunchbull, Matilda and Miss Honey in their artwork. The year group also gathered together in the hall so that each class could take to the catwalk to share their wonderful costumes with the other Year 2 boys and girls. Take a look at the colourful characters from each class - how many of Roald Dahl's creations do you recognise within the year group?