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All children develop at different rates and go through stages of how they are holding their pencil. 


Gross motor activities help children in gaining control over our whole bodies and working on muscles needed for this control. Gross motor skills are also essential as these are built upon with fine motor activities once they have the control. 

Fine motor or 'funky finger' activities help children to practice and strengthen the muscles in the hands and fingers necessary to being able to hold a pencil and use it effectively. 


I have added a variety of different ways for children to practice their gross and fine motor skills so you can choose which to do based on what resources you have at home and your child. 

Children's mark-making and writing skills all develop at their own individual rate. Below are some gross motor activities to enable children to build up their muscles which will help them in the future with their writing. 

Writing in different ways...

Fine Motor Activities

Dough Disco