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Daily Items

Please ensure you have the following items each day:

  • Water Bottle
  • Home Contact Book
  • Reading Book
  • Reading Record



TT Rockstars will be set on a Friday and your spelling sheet will be sent home too. Remember to practise these things ready for your times tables and spellings tests.

England Day!


We really enjoyed wearing red and white for the day. We wrote letters to Gareth Southgate after learning all about his story and what happened in 1996 when he missed a penalty!

It was great to be patriotic and learn some new information about our country and the history of football.

Art- Today, 6PC have been creating sculptures inspired by the artist: Subodh Gupta. Take a look...

FOREST SCHOOL - At forest school we have been learning about how people in the past would light fires before they had modern appliances. We had a go at lighting our own fires using a flint and steel. We cooked pizza on the open fire and built a den so we could use it to eat our pizza inside. It was YUMMY!

BEING A MATHEMATICIAN - As part of number day our class created a Maths Treasure Hunt in our Forest School area. It was great fun learning maths outside.

BEING AN ARTIST - As part of our art project we have be studying the work of Frida Kahlo. From her painting 'The Two Fridas' we decided to make a sculpture like the one we had seen in the Abu Dhabi Lourve. Here we are at work.

Being Historians


This week in History the children have been completing a local study and using a range of primary sources to understand how Cleethorpes has changed over the years.


We began by using Ordnance Survey Maps to look at our local area. The children identified a range of symbols and used their knowledge to see how different the area we live in is in the modern day!


The children loved using the humongous OS maps! 

Being Mathematicians


Friday 7th May was Number Day and we celebrated it in a range of different ways in Year 6 this year!
The children had the opportunity to complete an exciting scavenger hunt in the woodland area where they located a range of problem solving questions and had to work out the solutions with their partners.


As well as this, the children challenged their teachers to TT Rockstars! Those who managed to score higher than their teacher were awarded with a certificate to show off their fantastic times tables knowledge.

Being Designers 

As designers this term, Year 6 have designed and produced a burglar alarm prototype. This involved using their knowledge as Scientists to create a circuit that would only sound when an intruder activated the switch.

Forest School Club

The Year 6 Team!

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