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Looking After Me and Keeping Myself Safe

Keeping myself safe


All the adults in our academy think that our health, safety and happiness is very important.

At Old Clee Primary Academy, respect is a core value and adults will help to protect our rights.

The adults will do their best to help us make progress in our learning.

We will learn how to recognise risks and dangers in different situations and how to protect ourselves and stay safe.

Our Academy provides a safe environment for us to learn in.

All the adults want to help us to stay safe at home and at school.

Need to talk

It is important that we all know what to do, or where to go, to get help if we are worried or unhappy about something.

  • We can talk to any adult in the academy, we know they are here to help and listen to our worries.
  • We can move our name on our Thumbs Up –Thumbs down” check in system in our classroom to show we have a worry and want to talk about it with an adult.
  • There is also a special number called Childline that we can call; the NSPCC told us about this, they listen to worries too.


Strategies for...

Activities to make me feel better...

Relaxation Exercises

Mindfulness Strategies… Watch the clips and try some new ideas! 

The Listening Game | Cosmic Kids Zen Den - Mindfulness for kids

How well can you listen to the sounds of the bells? REALLY listen! If you listen really hard, it's amazing how long they go on for. It's fun! If we can get our listening working well, we can experience the world so much more and enjoy ourselves even more!