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ICT WC 25.1.21

ICT instruction Document

ICT – Year 1 WC 18.1.21

Last week looked at the importance of following instructions and talked about the computer language/vocabulary ‘algorithm’ and ‘program’. The aims from last week are below.

An ‘algorithm’ is a precise, step-by-step set of instructions used to solve a problem or achieve an objective


Program - An algorithm that has been coded into something that can be run by a machine, e.g. a computer or a robot.


This week we are continuing looking at algorithms -

Lesson 3 – Follow the Instructions in a Recipe


• To consider how the order of instructions affects the result.

Success criteria

• Pupils understand how the order in which the steps of a recipe are presented affects the outcome. • Pupils can organise instructions for a simple recipe.

• Pupils know that correcting errors in an algorithm or program is called ‘debugging’



• The ‘Wrong Sandwich’ activity. This can be found on the main page for this unit:  (we have set this as a ‘to do’ for those of you at home.



  1. Talk about what a recipe is. What is included in a recipe? Why do we need them?
  2. Open the ‘Wrong Sandwich’ activity on the whiteboard. There is a gallery of photos accessed by clicking on the green crosses . The algorithm is not very good, so a robot making the sandwich would probably make some mistakes. Can pupils suggest which ‘wrong’ photos could occur?

• Instruction 2 does not say to spread the butter on the bread; there is a photo of the butter spread on the plate.

• Instruction 3 does not say to cut slices of cheese; there is a photo of the whole block of cheese on the bread.

• Instruction 4 does not say to put the top piece of bread butter-side down; there is a photo with the butter-side up on top.

• Instruction 5 does not say how to cut up the sandwich; there is a photo of a haphazardly cut-up sandwich.


3. Now let’s ‘debug’ the algorithm

when you debug a program, you look for any bugs (problems) in the code and try to fix them.

4. Go through each step, in order, and correct it. Match the correct photos to end up with a much better algorithm.