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Autumn Term

Year 3 have had fun this week at their Christmas party!

Well done to all of those children who won 100% attendance this term!

Well done to these children who have won their superb rewards from the vending machine!

 Year 3 Christmas performance
I’d like to say a big well done to all of the Year 3 children who did an amazing Christmas performance and craft today! You’ve worked so hard and you did so well! 

Our children in year 3 all looked wonderful for Christmas Jumper Day. It was fantastic seeing all the colourful jumpers everyone was wearing.

We had a visitor into school to show us how to keep safe on the roads. We all wore bright clothes so we could be seen when out on the dark streets at night. He explained how we need to wear helmets to keep our selves safe when riding a bike and how important it was to wear a seatbelt. 

Black History Month

We are celebrating Black History Month by recognising the many wonderful and inspiring women across the world. Our particular focus was Michelle Obama. We learnt of all the inspiring things she has done as First Lady and how she encouraged others to stand up and believe In themselves. What an amazing woman!

National Poetry Day! 

National Poetry Day! We read a fantastic new poem called ‘A River’. During our exploration of our new journey poem we have identified lots of verbs and prepositions from the poem and mindmapped them as a word bank for our own poem creations next week!


In Writing, we have been looking at a book called 'The Beasties'. We have been learning about the structure of the story as well as the vocabulary so that we can magpie this in our very own story. We have been focusing on sentence formation, conjunctions, adverbials and making sure our stories are full of description and detail! 



In Mathematics, we have been focusing on number! We have practised our place value using HTO grids and counters and have written many different 3 digit numbers to 1000. We are now moving onto Addition and Subtraction where we will use HTO grids and counters to support our visual understanding of column method.


Multiplying - pictorial to formal methods

Division and problem solving


In Science this week Year 3 we are learning about parts of the plants and their functions. The children first completed a retrieval activity showing what they already knew by labelling parts of a plant. From this, the children had to identify the functions of that part of the plant. They used scientific vocabulary such as 'anchor', 'attract', 'absorb' and 'carbon dioxide'. They really enjoyed being scientists and using their researching skills.


In History we have started our learning on The Stone Age. We have looked at different timelines to establish when this time period began and we have looked at different sources to identify who they were, where they originated and where they migrated to!

Stone Age Hunting


In Geography, we are learning about Europe! We have identified different continents and oceans on Earth and have sang songs to remember these! We then practised identifiying these continents on a world map. The next stop on our Geography journey is to identify different countries in Europe using an atlas! We love investigating the world!

Features of a River


In Geography we have been learning about plate tectonic. We demonstrated the actions of the plates divergent when the plates separate, transform when they slide along side each other and convergent when the plates come back together. The children then showed how one plate slid under the stronger plate and this is called subduction. The class also recited words with actions and using their hands.


In Art, we have been learning about the artist, L.S. Lowry. He is famous for his wonderful paintings of the industrial revolution. We will be focusing on his use of colours, facial expressions and body language in his paintings as well as his different backgrounds and foregrounds to depict the environment at the time.

Shade and Texture

Design Technology


In Design Technology we are learning all about Paper Circuits. Paper circuits can be used within greeting cards where the circuit attached the inside of the card may make a light on the front of the card light up. Firstly, we learnt about a basic circuit and what elements it needs to work. We then linked this to our understanding of a paper circuit and the functions of each part.

Personal Development


In PD we will be focusing on an element of being a SUPERB citizen each week. We will work through our understanding of being self aware, unique, a problem solver, empathetic, responsible and benevolent and how we can link this to our every day lives.

Role play - How to be a good friend

In PE we are learning Indoor Athletics and Interpretive dance. We are exploring how we interpret music by making our own movements. With Indoor Athletics we are learning how we use our balance and different parts of our body to help us move a distance.


In PE, we have been learning about balances and invasion games! We have been exploring different balances that we can do with different parts of a our body and how we can control the tension. In our invasion game lessons we have been learning about attack and defence, different speeds of movement and finding space!

Invasion Games

Body Movement


In Computing, we are currently learning all about coding. We have looked at flow charts and how these will help us create a code using actions, timers and design elements. We use Purple Mash for all of our safe learning on the computer.

Coding repeat command