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Thinking School

Here at Old Clee Primary Academy, we have recently embarked on an exciting new journey in becoming a Thinking School. 


At Old Clee we aim to develop creative thinkers, resilient problem solvers and reflective questioners who can work collaboratively and are equipped with the skills and knowledge to make a positive impact in the world around them. Our pupils will be independent, inquisitive and creative learners, where active thinking is promoted in every aspect of school life.  Developing metacognitive strategies both in and out of the classroom is something we are continuing to embed as an Academy – to continue this journey we have been collaborating with ‘Thinking Matters’ ( and have identified a ‘Drive Team’ (made up of Team Leaders and Senior Leaders) who are working together to shape how we further enhance metacognitive practice and thinking.


At Old Clee Primary Academy, our staff have a secure understanding of how children learn best and are determined to ensure that our pupils understand how they learn and are fully equipped with a bank of strategies to support them. Research carried out by The Educational Endowment Foundation’s (EEF) on Metacognition underpins our thinking in school.




Metacognition is defined as not simply “thinking about thinking”, it is much more complex than this. Metacognition is actively monitoring one’s own learning and, based on this monitoring, making changes to their learning behaviours and strategies.


Old Clee ‘Meta-Learners’ will be:






Our pupils will be able to understand and verbalise their thinking processes whilst appreciating that learning can be difficult and see this as a journey. They will self-reflect and evaluate their own learning and scaffold this using required tools, strategies and the learning environment.

Our Academy recognises that we live in a rapidly changing digital world. At Old Clee we want to enable our pupils to not just learn what to think, but how to think by developing intellectual learning behaviours. In order to achieve this, we have adopted a whole school approach which encompasses a common vision, a common language and common tools and strategies.



Using recent informed evidence, we are dedicated to ensuring staff receive continual professional development and are excited to develop our partnership with Thinking Matters. Join us on our journey where we will keep all members of Old Clee’s learning community fully informed of our vision and progress.






Bloom's Taxonomy


Bloom's Taxonomy is a hierarchical model of cognitive skills in education.