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From September 2021 the Early Years Curriculum was amended. Please click below for a parent guide to these changes.

Important Information

Please ensure your child brings a bottle of plain water to nursery every day.  This will be left in their individual locker and can be used throughout the day whilst they are at nursery.  (Full time children may also bring juice                  to have at lunchtime, this will be kept in their lunch box.)


PE is on a FRIDAY.  Please ensure your child comes to nursery wearing their PE kit.  Please ensure all items are clearly labelled with their name. 

REMINDER -no jewellery is to be worn whilst in nursery.  If children come to school wearing jewellery they will be asked to remove it.  If it cannot be removed you will be called to assist. 

Nursery are proud!

Sports Day!

We would firstly like to thank all of the parents, grandparents and other family members to coming to our Nursery sports day. Everyone really enjoyed, and I am sure you can agree that all of the children did amazing, and tried really hard. 

Summer 2- Me and My World- Space

This half term in nursery we are exploring space, through the story ‘Whatever Next’ and 'Alien's Love Underpants'. Similar to the story, we have been using different materials to create our own rockets to take on our own journey to the moon. We have been exploring in galaxy slime, sorting aliens, recreating picnics on the moon, learning what an astronaut is and creating our own magical galaxy in the creative area.

National Smile Month


As part of National Smile Month, and also linked closely with our current book 'Oliver's Fruit Salad, we had two Dental Nurses come into nursery to talk to us about how to look after our teeth. Together we talked about when and how to brush our teeth, and also foods which are better for our teeth and those that are not. We also took part in a Brush-A-Thon together and brushed our teeth for two minutes!

The King's Coronation

This week in nursery we have been learning all about the king and the royal family. We have learnt who the king is and what a coronation means. We have been involved in lots of fun craft activities, such as making chains to decorate our nursery, and also creating our own royal crown! On Friday we celebrated with the whole school by joining in a samba conga and dances on the playground, followed by jelly and ice cream. Once of the children said, "it was the best day ever!".

Home Project

As part of our topic 'What is Changing?' the children were all given a sunflower seed to plant and nurture at home. The parent's are sharing their progress using Tapestry. Here are some of the photos so far...

Summer 1- What is Changing?

This half term in nursery we will be focusing on the theme ‘What is Changing?’ through our three main focus stories which are, ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’, ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’ and ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’. We will be using these stories to explore the environment and world around us, looking at growth, observing natural changes and exploring differing fruits.

We will also be talking about and taking part in the experiences below:

Week 1- Planting a bean

Week 2- Home Project- Planting and caring for a sunflower

Week 3- King’s Coronation Celebration

Week 4- Minibeast Hunt

Week 5- Dentist Visit- Healthy foods

Week 6- Fruit Tasting

Red Nose Day 2023

Visit from Nunny's Farm

On Tuesday 14th March, Farmers from Nunny's Farm brought some of their animals to Nursery. The farmers gave the children some facts about the animals, telling them their names and how the farmers cared for them. The children then had the opportunity to stroke and feed the animals. We all had an amazing time!

Chick Lifecycle

In school we have had the amazing opportunity to watch chicks hatch from eggs, which has informed our learning about 'On the Farm'. Each day we visited the chicks in small groups, to talk about what we could see or hear. We spoke about the chick lifecycle and the equipment used, such as the incubator and the brooder. The children really enjoyed seeing the chicks grow, and learning differing facts about their lifecycle. 

Pancake day!

Today we all went into the school kitchen and made pancakes! The children helped to make the pancake batter, and watched their pancaked be cooked and flipped. The children then talked about the differing toppings that was available, and chose which ones they would like to try. We also spoke about the toppings which where healthy and not so healthy for us. The children really enjoyed eating their pancakes. 

On the Farm

This half term in nursery, we will be focusing on the theme ‘On The Farm’, through our three main focus stories which are, ‘Farmer Duck’, ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and ‘Pig in a Pond’. These stories will be used to encourage talk about farms, farmers and animals, whilst also relating this to our own experiences of seeing an animal or visiting a farm. It is very exciting as this half term we will also be watching chicks hatch and having a visit from a farm and its animals!

Children's Mental Health Week 

February 2023

'Let’s Connect’

For this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week, the theme was, ‘Let’s Connect’. Connections are vital to our well-being and mental health and is in fact one of the, ‘NHS 5 ways to wellbeing’. 

All classes across the Academy were paired up and set the task of creating a poster that represents themselves. For example, this could have included their favourite food, hobbies, friends, their favourite things etc. Once complete, the children’s posters were sealed in envelopes and delivered to their new buddy in their paired class. This created the opportunity for the children to ‘connect’ with another member of their Academy family, of which they may have never met before. The children were incredibly excited to learn all about their new buddies, and we spoke about what their buddy had drawn or wrote. 

The Big Build with our loved ones!

As part of our theme this half term, 'On the Move' we have been making our own vehicles from recyclable materials with our parents and grandparents. We had a great time and both the children and parents expressed how much they enjoyed this. 

Some comments from parents:
"it was lovely to see him at Nursery"
"Thank you so much for having us in school"
"It was a lovely morning, thank you"
"I really enjoyed this it was such a lovely idea and getting time to spend with my child in the nursery 😊 he also loved it, he has told lots of family members that mummy came to his nursery and we made a bike!"

"Really enjoyed coming to make this with him"

Food Tasting- Chinese New Year

In nursery we have tried some traditional Chinese food, such as noodles, soy sauce, spring rolls and satsumas. We also all had our very own fortune cookie to try and listened to our fortunes being read to us. 

Chinese New Year

In nursery over the next couple of weeks we will be learning about Chinese New Year. We have had lots of fun exploring with chopsticks, looking at their traditions and learning about how Chinese New Year is celebrated and comparing to our own celebrations. 

We have also been making lanterns in nursery, and we created our own pictures using the chopsticks!


Also during this half term we have been talking about Winter and how this looks typically in our country. We have used to conduct an investigation to explore what the ice feels like and how it melts. The children enjoyed using the water sprays and salt, and some fantastic language was used by the children, such as melt and dissolve. We have also been painting with ice paints which has been lots of fun!

SPRING 1- On The Move

This half term in Nursery we are looking at the theme 'On the Move'. We have been looking at the story 'The Three Billy Goats gruff' and talking about how the goats make their journey and how they cross a bridge. We have been trying to construct out own bridges, both on a small and a large scale and the children have really enjoyed this. We have also looked at bridges which we may know, such as the Humber Bridge. 
The children have shown a lot of interest in the retelling of the story, acting out using the puppets, creating characters out of dough and some children have uploaded their own version to Tapestry!


During this theme we are also looking at the book 'The train ride', which lends itself to talking about differing modes of transport and features in the environment. 

Christmas Celebrations

This week we have been continuing with our Christmas celebrations, and we had a party! At the party we danced and played lots of games, and Father Christmas came to visit us!
It also snowed this week, so we all went outside and felt the snow on our faces.

Christmas Storytime

We invited our parents into school to tell them the story of 'The First Christmas'.  We helped Miss Blake tell the story and sang songs to help with our storytelling.  We then sang some Christmas songs and asked our parents to join in.  We even got them to get up and do the Reindeer Pokey dance with us. 


Christmas Jumper Day

We came to school wearing Christmas jumpers which made us very excited. We loved talking about the characters on them and then singing songs about them.  

Christmas dinner was fun too.  We had crackers and mini Christmas trees on our tables. 


Our story - The Enormous Turnip

Autumn has been a very busy term, we have had many celebrations and learning

opportunities but we have also been looking at what happens during the season of Autumn.  We have looked at leaves falling off trees, we have collected conkers and acorns, we have used these objects for art, for counting and for making up stories.  With our story of The Enormous Turnip we looked at healthy foods and decided that fruit and vegetables were very good to eat - and also to use for printing!


We joined with Reception to welcome a visit from the dental team this week.  We learnt about how to brush our teeth properly and what foods to eat or not to eat to keep our teeth healthy.  We even played a game where we had to sort food which are good / bad for our teeth. 

Children in Need

We supported Children in Need by coming to school dress either in spots, pyjamas or Pudsey merchandise.  We took part in Pudsey P.E., Pudsey craft, spot sorting and lots more.  We talked about Children in Need being really good as the money raised goes towards helping children.


We came to school today wearing odd socks in support of Anti-Bullying week.  We talked about it being good to be different and not something to be unkind about.   We talked about being kind and how we could be kind at home and at school. 

Road Safety

We have learnt how to cross the road safely.  We know to stoplook and listen. We know to stop at the kerb and look and listen for traffic.  We know to keep looking and listening as we walk across the road. 

Looking and listening

Still image for this video

Remembrance Day

Continuing with 'Celebrations', this week we talked about the importance of remembering.  We made poppies, talked about why Remembrance Day is important, and held a 2 minute silence.  Whilst we remembered, we watch a little film about a bunny on the poppy fields  ( and then we planted our poppies in the garden and made our own poppy field.  

Meg and Mog

Halloween and Bonfire night

With Meg and Mog we have started our topic on 'Celebration' and we have been able to play ‘Halloween’ for weeks!  We have used fine motor skills to hammer ‘tee’s’ into pumpkins skin and we have scooped them out to investigate the insides. We have created our own witchy pictures and dressed up to act out our own witchy stories. 

For bonfire night, we made fireworks at our funky fingers station - we talked about what we could see on firework pictures, we tried to make our sentences interesting - we used coloured sand to make firework patterns.  We also took part in a firework science experiment.  We put skittles on a tray and then poured water into the tray, we then watched what happened and talked about the results. 

Parents storytime

Our parents joined us today for our storytime sessions both in the morning and in the afternoon.  We told them about the 3 stories we have read this term and sang some of our favourites songs too.

Rainbow Day

We joined RDJ and RNH to finish off our All About ME topic and had a Rainbow disco in the hall.  We danced to our favourite songs and sang our Sing a Rainbow song.

Our book - Peace at Last

Continuing with 'All about me' we have looked at the Bear Family in the story Peace at Last.  We have talked about our own families and found out that all our families are different. 

We have listened to and made the sounds in the story and we have listened to other sounds in the environment and tried to work out what each sound was. 

We have made our own sound makers.

Our Book - ELMER

Within our topic on 'all about me' we have been looking at colour, through the story of Elmer the Elephant. Elmer is a unique creature who was happy being different. We have been looking at ourselves to see our similarities and differences.  We are learning that it is good to be unique!

Our first week

Our Book - Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs go to school. 

We have welcomed children who are new to our academy and have explored the environment and talked about how we can all use the space sensibly by learning about our expectations - 

Care, share, walk, talk and don't forget to listen

Choose what you want to play, but dont forget to put it away!

We have begun our work on this terms topic 'All about me!''