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Year 2



This term in maths, Year Two will be focusing on number. The children will deepen their understanding of place value (of 2 digit numbers), as well as applying their understanding of number to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. The children will also be learning about measuring length, capacity and mass. In English, the new term will begin with a fiction focus. The children will have the opportunity to be creative when re-telling and re-inventing the story “The Dragon Machine” written by Helen Ward. Following this, the children will learn about poetry and later, research and write a biography about a significant figure (non-fiction).


Our children will be given regular opportunities to read and be read to this term, in particular, during RWI, English and in ERIC time. Our focus book for the first part of the term will be “The Dragon Machine” written by Helen Ward. The children will then be immersed in a “First Poetry Book”, followed by the hilarious story of No-bot the Robot, written by Paul Linnet and Sue Hendra.


We are also looking forward to covering a broad range of curriculum areas over the next term. In Design and Technology, we will be learning about seasonal foods. We will also be designing, making, tasting and evaluating our own couscous – yummy! In Art, our focus will be painting and the skills and techniques inspired by Van Gogh in his artwork ‘In the Dark Night’. Within History lessons, we will continue to develop our knowledge about early flight and the significant figures who have contributed to the development of transportation, as well as learning about communication. In Geography, we will be learning about weather and also taking part in local fieldwork, using aerial images and photos to learn about land use and the school grounds. In R.E we will be learning about Hinduism and Hindus places of worship. The term will also see us continuing our personal development journey, learning to become SUPERB citizens.