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Week beginning 18.01.21

This Step is focusing on recognizing style indicators of Latin music. 


You will need to use the link below, and log in to Charanga using your log in details, which are in your Home/School message book. If they are not in your Home/School book they may have been emailed to you by Mrs Hersey. 


The section is called In The Groove.


Listen and Appraise (begin to recognise the basic style indicators of Latin)


Click on the picture titled "In The Groove", then launch Step 3. 


Listen and Appraise - In The Groove, Latin:

Play the song. Use your body to find the pulse whilst scrolling through/using the on-screen questions as a focus. After listening, talk about the song and answer the questions together using correct musical language.


Listen and Appraise - Livin’ La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin (if you want to): How are the songs different, how are they similar?



Play the songs, and find different ways to move to the music. See if you can find the pulse!


Can you hear any instruments? 


Then work through the activities on the right hand side. 


If you want an extra challenge, try using the questions in the documents below to help you appraise the songs and learn more about Latin music!





Questions and answers to use with music appraisal session.

Remember, when you are discussing the music, you need to use the musical vocabulary that you have learned in school. Here is a list of the words you need to know and their definitions:


Pulse - the strong beat in the music


Rhythm - this is a repeated pattern of sound


Pitch - the frequency of the sound, is it high, like a smoke alarm, or low, like a motorbike?