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Home-school books, ZPD books and reading records should be brought into school every day. It is also encouraged that your child brings their own bottle of water each day.


PE Kit

Year 4 pupils will have PE on a Thursday and are asked to come to school in PE kit.  



Personalised spellings and times tables will be set home on a Friday. Assessment will take place the following Friday.    

Multiplication tables is an on-going part of homework and will have a different focus each week. This extremely important to Year 4, due to the Multiplication Government Check. Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs) are set for the children every fortnight on a Friday. Assessment will take place fortnightly on a Friday. Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFS) are designed to support the development of the mental skills and key knowledge that underpin much of the maths work in schools.



Year 4 Multiplication Check 


All Year 4 children are expected to know their times tables up to 12 x 12 by the end of the academic year. The Year 4 Times Tables Test is an annual government test to check that Year 4s in England and Wales have a good level of times tables knowledge.

Once the test has been taken in the summer, each child’s results will be known to the school and the government will have a national picture. The Year 4 Times Tables Test is an online test with 25 questions; children must answer each question within a 6 seconds time limit, so the whole test will take less than 5 minutes.


A great way for children to practice for the check, is to access Times tables Rock Stars 'Sound Check' area. This mimics the experience of the test and replicates the 6 second time limit.                                 

Reading Challenge 

We have introduced new reading records to children in years 1-6. The children have been set a challenge to read a hundred books before the end of the school year. These books will be books provided by school and read at school or at home. 


Please watch the following links for a full explanation of how our reading records work.


The aim 


What to record


Important information

Sports Day

ABP Immingham Trip

This week, Year 4 visited ABP (Immingham Docks) and the Immingham museum. They learned lots of new facts including more about importing and exporting, along with delving into the history of ABP itself! 

The King’s Coronation Celebrations 2023


We have been so inspired by Jane Goodall that we have decided to study our own animals!

Lillie has been inspired this week with our learning in English about inspirational women. She has written her very own biography on the talented swimmer Gertrude Erdle.

Year 4 asking Biography questions in English about inspirational women who changed the world. 

Year 4 celebrating Red Nose Day 2023…

Bernard Wex watch out! Year 4 are the newest bridge designers and engineers in town!

Year 4 Fieldwork


Year 4 children have been learning all about a Likert scales in Geography. For this, we took a walk down to King George Stadium field and observed our surroundings. The children had to investigate how many people, cars and litter there was, as well as investigating the noise pollution of the area. 

History- Longboats

This week in History, Year 4 learned all about the famous Viking Longboats! Click the links below to see the videos from 4PC, 4EP, 4CW and 4RT...

We met with another class to discuss our World Book Day characters and to read to each other

We even got the chance to read our favourite books to another class!

World Book Day 2023 4CW reading with 5TF

This week in Science, we made videos to send to the dentist about our investigation. They include our findings and how we should care for our teeth. Below, please see videos and video links from 4CW, 4EP, 4PC and 4RT.

Year 4 love skipping and taking part of Kangaroo Club!

.For Children’s Mental Health Week, children across the academy created a ‘All About Me’ SUPERB person. Once completed, we shared them with a different class!

In Science, we conducted an investigation to answer this question - Which medium (solid, liquid or gas) do you think sound will travel through the fastest?

In history, we used drama to learn about why the Anglo-Saxon era came to an end.

Today in Bug Club the children acted out being Robert Scott, an explorer who attempted to become the first person to reach the South Pole but sadly died.

Role Play

Still image for this video

This week in English we have been writing shared poems about a walk to school. The children challenged themselves by adding personification and rhetorical questions in their writing.

This week in Design Technology we have constructed bridges to find out how we can make them durable and strong!

This week in Science we melted chocolate to see which temperature it melts at. We were surprised at how quick chocolate can melt!

This week in Science we practised using thermometers to measure the different temperatures around school and in the playground. We learnt the freezing and boiling point too!

Jorvik Viking Centre, York 


On the 18th January, the children in Year 4 went on a school trip to the Jorvik Viking Centre. They got to experience what a Viking village looked like, how a Viking person would dress, they became archaeologists and discovered different fossils, and they even had a Viking session in Battle Tactics. 

A MASSIVE thank you to everybody who came to our Christmas Craft and Showcase!

Visitors from the Mosque

Using our DT skills of cutting, slicing, grating, measuring and boiling to create our very own Carrot and Parsnip soup from scratch!

Today, Year 4 came to school wearing spots and pyjamas to help fundraise for Children In Need!

In science this week we learnt about the different components that make a simple circuit successful.

In Science, we recreated the digestive system using bananas, biscuits, lemons and tights to explore further how the digestive system works!

Today, Year 4 have all come in odd socks to support Anti-bullying week

Today, Year 4 took part in the two minute silence to reflect on and to have the chance to remember those who fought and lost their lives during the war and to honour their memory. 

In design technology, we used our chopping and slicing skills to make fruit smoothies!

Today, we were introduced to the Anglo-Saxons. We can now talk about the three tribes and their reasons behind their invasion on Britain.

Miss Thompson created a board game to help us construct sentences and deepen our knowledge of conjunctions, prepositions and verbs!

Land Of Roar Poetry/ Riddles     

This week in our Writing lessons, Year 4 have been creating their very own riddles/ poems which relate to our class book 'The Land of Roar'. 


Below you will find a link to the recorded poetry from some of our children.     




This week in Geography we have been looking at urban and rural areas and discussing how congestion may occur within these areas, as well as the safest routes (with pedestrian crossings).

Today we were inspired by Edvard Munch and recreated Odilon Redon’s ‘The Crying Spider’, using different mediums such as paint, lithograph and pastels.

We furthered our knowledge of how sound travels. Today, we experimented how sound travels using different mediums!

Today, we learnt how vibrations travel to our ear so we can hear!

A ‘souptastic’ DT lesson where the children tasted home made and shop bought soup as well as practising their cutting, peeling and chopping skills!

Science - Investigating states of matter. This week the children carried out three activities. The first activity was a sorting challenge. The children had to decide whether objects were a solid, liquid or gas and sort them accordingly. The second was an investigation where the children investigated the statement ‘ Only liquids can be poured.’ In the third activity, we made oobleck and the children had to use their knowledge of solids and liquids to decide if this non Newtonian substance is a solid or a liquid.

Year 4 Shared Poetry 


This week in English, Year 4 have been looking at different riddles. They have worked collaboratively to create a riddle about an object. Can you figure out the object that the riddle is about?

Click the link below to access the videos...

4RT discussed how we can have positive self-esteem and positive body image.

A practical investigation into Rivers. We can now explain erosion, transportation and deposition!

Using concrete equipment for Division

This week in English, we have been looking at poetry and picking out key features.

Today, we became Scientists by investigating the three main states of matter. We learnt about their characteristics and how their particles behave.

We have been using a concrete approach to solve multiplication

Inspired by Edvard Munch’s - The Scream. Year 4 used Pastels & Lithograph mediums to recreate his work!

Using concrete resources for subtracting with exchanging

Year 4- Introduction into Computer Coding

Year 4 - Introduction to Ancient Egypt

Roald Dahl Day 2022

Snow White performed by 4PC, 4CW, 4EP and 4RT

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