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WC 29-03-21



Improving sentences so that they are more informative, interesting and descriptive for the reader. 


Tuesday - plan



Wednesday - write


Refer to your plan to write your own non-fiction story based on the pobble photo you were introduced to yesterday.  

Remember, you will need to consistently refer to the success criteria, ticking off features sentence by sentence (don’t leave this task to the end). If there are any features you are unsure of, you can use the internet to help you understand them.

Don’t forget to use a range of sentence structures and to up-level your sentences by including a wide range of grammar features such as: expanded noun phrases and adverbial phrases (refer back to Monday’s work for a reminder of further ways you can do this).



Thursday - Edit and improve


For today’s writing lesson you will be editing and improving you work.


Use the success criteria to find any features you have missed out of your writing and challenge yourself to include them.


If you have included all of the features, find some of the adjectives / verbs you have used in your writing and find appropriate synonyms for them to make them more powerful.


A great site for this is: