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Year 1

Welcome to the Year 1 team

The Year 1 teaching team consists of Mrs Leader, Mr Clancy, Miss Webster, Miss Vicary, Mrs Adams, Miss Carter and Miss  Gray.  PE teacher Mr Broughton, Music Miss Hunter and PSED Miss Warmsley.

Welcome back Year 1

Welcome back to all our pupils and their families. The children have been sharing all their holiday news and writing about what they did in the summer holidays ... WOW you have all been busy!

The children have settled in really well to Year 1 life.

The children have been busy getting to know their talking partners and new class mates. We have established our classroom rules and school expectations. We are super proud of how the children have got back into their routines and they have really impressed us with remembering how to line up in alphabetical order.

We have focused on reviewing our skills and are looking forward to learning all about becoming a Reader and Writer, a Mathematician, a Historian, a Geographer, a Scientist, an Artist and Designer in our new and exciting curriculum. 

I hope the children have been telling you all about their days at school.

Important Information.
Our main PE day will be on a Monday. Please send your child with their full PE kit every Monday. PE kits are to be kept in school for the full week in order for us to access PE at other times during the week if necessary. The school uniform policy can be found on our website. We will send home kits on a Friday for washing.

P.E with Mr Broughton

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Your child's homework (red book) is due in on a Thursday. This allows enough time for new homework to be glued in and sent home again on the Friday. Please encourage your child to keep it at home all week to practise their spellings.

Thank you for your support. 

We look forward to sharing our learning with you. These are just some of the things we have been doing...
Being an Independent Learner

In our outside learning zone the children have been putting their skills to the test. The children have been accessing independent challenge areas that consolidate their learning and allow us to assess their independent application. These areas allow the children to explore, test, discuss and make sense of the learning that has taken place in the classroom with a hands on approach. The children have been busy working with their friends and recording their activities in their challenge books. They have been so proud to show us what they have done. 

The outdoor learning zone allows us to put out activities that compliment the learning foci. This term our outside zone is helping to develop number bonds, 2D and 3D shape properties, reading and understanding high frequency words and sentence structure. 

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Harvest Festival 🥫🍞🥕🥦🍂🍁


Today the children celebrated Harvest Festival with a special assembly with Father Nick. The children proudly sang their harvest song ‘Cauliflowers fluffy’ and listened to a story about the importance of ‘thankfulness’. The children built up boxes with special words on them that spelt out HARVEST. When thankfulness was removed from the bottom of the stack it all came tumbling down. What a lovely assembly - the children were left with the question ‘what are you thankful for?’

Thank you once again for all of your kind donations for such a worthy cause. 

Harvest Song

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We are proud to be Old Clee pupils.

The children showed us how they were going to follow our school expectations by making a ‘mini me’. They used their cutting skills to cut out a photo of their face, cut coloured paper for their smart school uniform and even added a school logo on their jumpers and cardigans. Don’t they look fabulous!

The children then wrote on a speech bubble the school expectations they were going to follow. What a great display this is going to make ... and a great commitment from the children too.


1JL 1

Roald Dahl Day 


What a great day we have had celebrating the work of Roald Dahl. Thank you to all the parents/guardians for making the children look fantastic. We had a fashion parade in the hall and the children stood up and told everyone which character they were dressed as and which book they were from. We then wrote about our character and enjoyed colouring in some of his famous characters too.

We ended the day by watching some of the BFG. The children have been talking about dream catchers and we are going to look at these in more detail next week during art.

Dahlicious Dress Up in 1JW

Carousel Learning in Year 1


This week we have started our carousel learning in preparation for starting our exciting new curriculum next week. Carousel learning allows us to have more than one learning experience or subject running along side each other. This benefits the children immensely as the learning takes place over a number of sessions/ or days. They are able to learn new concepts before they begin to apply their knowledge to new tasks.


The carousel provides all children with the opportunity to have a subject based session with an adult in a smaller group, enabling us to develop confidence and a deeper understanding. The also provides children with a learning opportunity which promotes independence and partner work, helping each other without adult interaction. (Sometimes the children are better at thinking outside the box and can often solve their own problems in ways adults would not even consider). The third rotation is accessing outdoor provision. This is a more hands on practical approach with access to large construction blocks, sand and water, this enables the children to apply their skills to non classroom based activities.


The children are really enjoying the carousel rotation, as are we! Please enjoy browsing through our photos.

Being a Writer!

This week we have been reading 'Monkey Puzzle' by Julia Donaldson. As a class we created a story map and have made up some actions to help us retell the story. We will use these tools to help us write our own version. 

Monkey Puzzle retold by 1JW

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Actions by 1JL

Actions by 1JL 1
Actions by 1JL 2
Actions by 1JL 3
Actions by 1JL 4
Actions by 1JL 5

Being an Artist!

We have been looking at the work of Leonardo Da Vinci (said in an Italian accent). The children enjoyed re-creating the famous 'Mona Lisa' printing, even the adults had a go! 


Next week we are going to improve our sketches by adding some colour.

The 'Mona Lisa' by 1JW

Being an Artist - ‘The Mona Lisa’ by 1JL.

Being a Designer!

Over the past two weeks our children have become designers. They designed their own dreamcatcher and are in the process of making them. We have used our scissor skills, threaded wool and pipe cleaners and added some decoration.


Next week, we will complete our and compare them with our plan.



Design and Technology - Cookery.

Year 1 enjoyed their first cookery lesson as part of our Design and Technology curriculum. We talked about how to keep ourselves safe from harm and from germs. The children looked at a picture of a kitchen and discussed possible risks to health and safety. We heard some fantastic vocabulary as the children spotted the hazards. We discussed hand washing and the children ordered pictures to show their understanding of how we need to wash our hands to wash away the germs. 

The children were very excited to make their own food.We talked about likes and dislikes and how we all like different foods. We looked at the main ingredients for coleslaw and used our ‘bossy verbs’ to create instructions. The children enjoyed shouting ‘peel’, ‘grate’ and ‘chop’ as we thought about our instructions. We put this weeks spelling rule into practise as we made our coleslaw ‘I am peeling the carrot’ - ‘I have peeled the carrot’ and ‘I am a good peeler’.

We made coleslaw 3 different ways, plain, with mayonnaise and with salad cream. The children tried each one and voted on their favourite. The children then thought of ways they could improve their recipe ... adding more mayonnaise, adding cheese, adding sultanas or apple were some of the suggestions.

Maybe the children could try making their improved version at home and let us know how it tastes x



Year 1 have continued developing their skills of being a Designer by making front covers for their books. The children used the laptops to create a word document, adding their name using word art and decorating it by adding shapes. They also used pic collage on the iPads to make a decorative and colourful cover that included a ‘selfie’. The children learned lots of different skills to create some amazing front covers (the selfies are hilarious) and we can’t wait for you to see them at parents evening.