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Welcome to Reception!

Welcome to the Reception page. Please take the time to have a look at what we have been doing so far in Reception and also what we will be doing as the year progresses. 


Our Teaching Team consists of Mr Cranidge, Mrs Jones, Mrs Leader, Mrs Hall, Mrs Adams, Miss Redgrift and Mrs Brown.


Important information

  • Our new Reception PE days are as follows:
    • RCC Monday
    • RDJ Tuesday 
    • RJL Thursday
    • Please bring your kit in on Monday and keep it at school all week incase these days alter.
  • Our topic for this term is Minibeasts. We will be reading The Hungry Caterpillar and Super Worm. We will also be reading stories by Judith Kerr.
  • Please visit the Curriculum Section under 'Key Information' to find out more about our learning this year and how you can help at home.
We are all excited about England’s match in the semi final tonight. We have been practising our goal scoring skills in our football challenge. We have enjoyed singing the England football songs and learning the Waku Waku dance. We have been using Google Earth to learn about different countries. We have been creating flags and writing about the World Cup. Good luck England - you can do it!
Our visit to the Classroom in the woods
We had a fantastic time on our first school trip. We searched for minibeasts in different habitats - ground, air and water. We worked together to find lots of creepy crawlies. We enjoyed running through the grassy field, seeing the tractor and exploring the woods. We all made our very own Spud Bug to take home. 
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This week we have been learning all about minibeasts. We have been identifying and describing different minibeasts and finding out some fascinating facts. We have also enjoyed watching our caterpillars have change over the last 2 weeks. We saw them make their cocoons and have been watching them patiently. This week something very special happened....our butterflies finally arrived! They are painted lady butterflies and they are so beautiful. We have enjoyed watching them flap their wings and feed on the fruit. 
Sports Day 2018
Thank you to all the parents and family that attended the Reception Sports Day today. I am sure you will agree the children's behaviour was fantastic and they made us all proud. Every child tried their very best and enjoyed taking part in the different events.
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The very hungry caterpillar

This week we have been reading the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  We have enjoyed retelling the story - remembering all the food he ate and how he turns into a beautiful butterfly. We were so excited to receive some of the hungry caterpillar’s little friends! We are observing them closely to see how they will grow and change. In maths we have been learning about position and whether objects are near or far. We have also been continuing patterns on the Hungry Caterpillar.

Oliver’s Vegetables

The children have enjoyed talking about healthy eating and why we need to eat healthily and keep fit. We read the book Oliver’s Vegetables. Oliver didn’t like anything but chips ... until his Grandad made him try the Vegetables he had grown in his garden. The children wrote an extended piece of writing recalling what Vegetables Oliver ate on the different days of the week. We have enjoyed creating artwork, painting different vegetables and making crafty carrots. The children have talked about which vegetables they like,  do not like and what we can make with the different vegetables. 

In maths we have been halving shapes and quantities and learning about sharing amounts. The children shared vegetables equally between Oliver and his Grandad. The children have used the days of the week key word cards from Oliver’s Vegetables to practise writing the date on their work.

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Royal wedding fever 🇬🇧
This week we have been getting excited about the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The children have learnt all about the big day and had fun making flags and crowns.

Happy wedding day Prince Harry!

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Jack’s bean burger picnic
The children received a special letter from Jack and the ingredients to make his special bean burgers. They were very excited to make the burgers, and worked very hard! We were very proud to share our burgers with our parents with a picnic in the sunshine! Thank you to all of the grown ups who came to share our special celebration. 

This weeks ‘I am proud’ certificates went to...

This weeks 'I am proud' certificates went to....

This week’s ‘I am proud’ certificates went to...
Jack and the beanstalk 
This week we have been retelling the story of Jack and the beanstalk using our story map. We have written the first part of the story in our books and are very proud of our writing. Some of the children have written their own story books inspired by our love of books and story telling. We have continued to look after our plants and watch them grow. In RDJ we planted beans....we wonder if they will reach to the sky like Jack’s beanstalk?! In RJL the beanstalks have grown so quickly some are now taller than the 30cm ruler ... they have had to get out the meter stick! The children are updating their diaries to show how they are growing. We have been creating some fantastic art linking to the story. We have enjoyed counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and are getting better at recalling the numbers.
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Plants and growing.
This week the children have been writing instructions on how to plant a seed. The cress and lettuce continue to grow and the children have looked closely at the similarities and differences of the leaves. The children have taken care of their plants ensuring they are watered daily and are getting some sunlight in the windows. The beans have also started to sprout, much to the children’s delight. They are growing fast and the children have been measuring their beanstalks and recording the measurements in a plant diary. In maths the children have been investigating counting in 2’s 5’s and 10’s. They have been solving maths problems for MrMcGregor working out how many cabbages (1’s), carrots (2’s) and flowers (5’s) he can plant in his vegetable plot (10’s).  
I am proud.
This weeks I am proud certificates went to ...

We have been excited this week to start our new topic all about plants and growing. We have planted seeds to grow cress and lettuce. We have been discussing what a plant needs to grow healthily. We have been looking after our plants and they are already starting to grow! We have been learning the parts of a plant and creating some fantastic flower art.

We had lots of fun on our Plant Hunt around the school grounds. We found lots of plants and flowers. 

We have learnt the story of Jack and the beanstalk and we are enjoying acting out the story in our small world.

In maths we have been learning about time. We have worked together to put our daily routines in order and have been learning how to tell the time using a clock.

Easter 🐣🐇🍫

This week we have started to get excited for Easter! We have been going on Easter egg hunts and dressing up as bunnies. We have been talking and writing about why we like Easter. We have learnt why we celebrate Easter and can recall the Easter story from the bible. We have enjoyed using our art skills to make Easter cards. In maths we have been learning about 3D shapes. 

This week’s ‘I am proud’ awards go to...
This week’s I am proud awards go to...



This week we have been thinking about fictional characters who can help others. The children have been using their imagination talking about superheroes. They have discussed what their super power would be and who they would save. They have talked about some of the superhero characters they know and written about why they like them. There has been a real buzz in the classrooms as children have been setting each other super challenges during choosing time.

In maths the children have been investigating capacity and ordering the bottles of water.

Our Learning Celebration

This week we invited our parents and carers into Reception to see all the hard work we have been doing so far this term on our new topic. We performed our poems to the grown ups with loud, confident voices. We enjoyed designing and painting a rock for our outdoor area. We had some fantastic designs. Thank you to all of the grown ups who came in to share our special celebration. 

Our missing characters have been returned! 😀

We found a mysterious box on Friday addressed to our had glittery fingerprints on it. When we looked inside we were surprised to see that our missing character had been returned! Inside the box was a letter from Burglar Bill. He apologised and explained he realised stealing was wrong so he returned our characters. We were very pleased to get them back!

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World Book Day
We had a great day sharing our favourite books and writing a book review. We made colourful book marks too. 

World book day

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To celebrate world book day the children took part in a poetry recital in front of their peers. RCC performed ‘My Spring Garden’ RJL performed ‘The Morning Rush’ and RDJ performed ‘When I was young’. The children worked really hard learning their poems and we were extremely proud of their performances.

World book day

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World Book Day

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Continuing our police work.
Following our visit from P.C Gibbs Mrs Roberts looked at the CCTV footage again to see if she could find anymore clues to what happened in our classrooms. Mrs Roberts sent us a message to say she had got a possible sighting of our suspect. The children used the description given to produce a wanted poster. We have been talking about how to describe people or items in more detail and using caption matching activities to help with this. The children have enjoyed playing in our doctors surgery and police construction area as well as looking at who else can help us in our small world tuff trays. We have enjoyed creating our own disguises and taking photos of each other using the iPads. In maths we have been Doubles Detectives and have been working out doubles using our finger prints. 
Our visit from the Police
We had some special visitors today - The Police! They looked at the crime scene in our class and they are going to help us try to find our missing item. They spoke to us about their important job and taught us about stranger danger. We even got to go inside a real Police van. We pressed the siren button and got to try on the different Police hats. We even got locked up in the Police cell in the back! It was lots of fun. 

Stranger danger rules - Yell, Run, Tell

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The Police siren

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Oh no! What has happened?

On our first day back at school we discovered a crime scene in our classes! Our small worlds had been messed up and everything was on the floor. We used our detective skills to investigate and found some muddy footprints and some finger prints. When we inspected more we realised one of our characters was missing! Olaf was stolen from RDJ and RJL and Geraldine the giraffe was taken from RCC. We will ask the Police to help us to work out committed the crime. We have made missing posters to help try and find our missing characters. 

Frozen fun
For our last week this term, we have continued to enjoy all things Frozen. In maths we have been measuring our foot prints with cubes or a ruler. We have been measuring our height in centimetres and seeing if we are taller or shorter than Percy the penguin. We have also worked as a team to create our own Ice castle which looks fantastic!
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Reception celebration of learning
Thank you to all the adults who came to help celebrate our learning today in Reception. The children were so excited for your visit and it was lovely to see how proud they were to show you around their classrooms. The children’s artwork and writing has created an inspiring learning environment and the snowmen home projects look fantastic. I hope you enjoyed today as much as we did and that the children have continued to tell you all about our learning journey. Thank you once again for all your support.
Frozen mania ❄️⛄️
This week we have been enjoying our new Frozen topic. After our exciting visitors, we were keen to do lots of writing, pictures and craft all about our favourite characters. We have written thank you letters to Elsa and Anna. We have also enjoyed telling the story in our small world and have started to design and make our very own Ice castle in our craft area. In maths this week we have been learning how to measure length. We have been measuring different polar animals and foot prints using cubes or a ruler. 
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NSPCC numbers day
The children enjoyed celebrating numbers day today. In RJL the children started the day decorating numerals in their early morning activity. The children were challenged to find the number that was 1 more or 1 less than their number. The children then made ‘human’ number lines 0-9 and then grouped together to make different or bigger numbers. They used their imaginary super hero ‘maths masks’ to help them complete number worksheets and build and explore the number of the day. In PE the children had to complete number challenges. Using their good listening skills they had to listen for ‘number commands’ like take 4 steps forward or do 6 star jumps. Polar bear footprints with numbers 1-20 were placed around the room and children had to run, skip or hop to the correct numeral. 
Wear red day.
Thank you to all our children who wore red to raise awareness of heart desease. The money raised will be split between the two charities being celebrated today. One of the pupils in our foundation unit was born with a hole in her heart. She was brave to talk to everyone in our assembly and tell them about her special bear with a special medal. The charity gives the little bears to the children to award them for their bravery in surgery. What a lovely special little bear. The money raised will go towards buying some more special bears.
Our special visitors!
We were surprised today by our special visitors who came all the way from Arendelle! We loved singing songs and dancing together! The children enjoyed showing the ice queen and snow princess around our classrooms. We asked them lots of questions and showed them our fantastic work.