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Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar


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We have three types of letters:
If you need more clarity on this, then please watch the video. You might like to practise your spellings or write some fun words around something you have watched recently, E.G: Superman
Please try practising each word a few times and tick your favourite formation.

Please follow this link to see our extra handwriting support video for cursive writing!

Our Splendid Spring 2 Spellings 

Please practise the spellings below with your child! 


Please use a pencil and paper for the activities below if you do not have a Home Learning Pack. 

Present Perfect Tense



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WC 29.03.21 - Full Stops

When do we need to include a full stop? What else could we add between two main clauses? 


You now need to complete the activities and mark your work using the marking stations.