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Key Instant Recall Facts - Maths


Cycle 11

An acute angle is less than 90 degrees.

  • Cube: It is a 3D shape with 8 edges, 6 square faces and 8 vertices.


Cuboid: A 3D shape with 8 edges, 6 faces and 8 vertices 2 of the faces are square and 4 of them are rectangles

Multiples of 5 end in 5 or 0.

3x 2 is the same 2x3

Spring 1 Timestables focus in class.

Week Beginning

Year 3 – 6

KS2 Focus

4th January

X4, 8

11th  January

X 8

18th January

X4, 8

25th January


1st February


8th February



These would have been the times tables we would have learnt within the classroom. Please practise these times tables as well as the personal ones set for you on your own Rockstars log in set by your teacher.


Hello Year 3! We have loved looking at all of the work you have produced at home. Please continue to send pictures of your learning to our Year 3 email address.  When sending in a piece of work, please let us know if we can display your learning on our 'Celebration of Work ' page. 


Maths 18.01.21-22.01.21

After some feedback emails, we have found that most of you are finding a particular part of the division process challenging. Therefore, we have uploaded an extra support video to help with the 'partitioning' part of the process.


Maths Lesson 1 and 2 (Tuesday) :


Tuesday Session 1 video -

Tuesday Session 2 video -


On a Tuesday, you will have 2 short lessons to complete. Start by watching session 1 video and scroll down to find session 1 activities and answers.  Next, you will move onto session 2. Watch session 2 video and complete session 2 activities below. 

To complete the activities below, you will need: pen/pencil and paper. You may print out the activities and complete them or complete them on blank paper. We would recommend blank paper as you will have lots of space to show your working out. 


Steps to Success:

1.Partition your starting number into two easier numbers that belong to the times table you are working on.

2.Ensure that your two new numbers equate to the original number you partitioned. 

3.Create two division number sentences.

4. Add together and find your answer.



90 divided by 5 


1. partition 90 into 40 and 50. Both of these numbers belong in the 5 times table and are easier to work with. 

2. 40 + 50 = 90

3. 40 divided by 5= 8  50 divided by 5 = 10

4.8 + 10 = 18

Maths Lesson 3 (Wednesday) :


Please use pen and paper if you don't have paper copies of the work. You can use a blank piece of paper as it will give you lots of room for your amazing working out! 

Wednesday Video



Here are some abstract and pictoral examples:

Maths Lesson 4 (Thursday) :


Thursday Video


HINT: Remember to read word problems more than once to ensure you understand what the question wants you to do. You must highlight the important numbers and words in the problem. 



Top Tip: Don't forget to add the regrouped numbers underneath. Cross them out when you have used them!