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Monday 18th January 


Subtract by counting back.

Familiarise yourself with a number line. Watch Miss Webster's video on how to subtract using a number line.


Complete the MNP workbook pages labelled Monday, Miss Webster will show you these in the video. Use a number line to help you.


* Now look at the answer sheet and mark your work. 


Challenge- complete the extra journal task which consolidates the subtraction skill covered this lesson, Miss Webster will explain this to you in the video.

Tuesday 19th January


Subtract by subtracting ones


This skill focuses on looking at a number of objects and splitting it into tens and ones. Children can the cross out or remove objects from the ones group as a form of subtraction. Children can practice this by drawing circles and then crossing out a number of them in order to ‘take away’. Watch Miss Webster's  video on how to do this. 

Once confident, worksheet 5 pages 130-132 can be completed.


* Now look at the answer sheet and mark your work – email Year 1 if you have any problems.