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Year 4



During Spring in Maths, Year Four will be focusing on the four basic operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing), as well as adding and subtracting fractions; factor pairs; converting equivalent fractions; working within different metric measures (eg: centimetres, meters, grams, kilograms); investigating a range of different 2D and 3D shapes; plotting and retrieving information whilst using grids and co-ordinates; as well as interpreting information on line graphs.

In English, there will be plenty of opportunities for the children to engage in reading- in our class ERIC time (both 1:1 with the class teacher, and independently), within BUG Club sessions where the children will begin with reading all about ‘Daring Deeds’ which consists of seven different stories ranging from a fictional text called ‘The Mystery of the Red Moon’ to an non-fiction newspaper article called ‘Pigeons Rule the Roost’. In our writing sessions, we will be focusing on learning, using and applying a range of different SPaG skills, specifically linking to a book called ‘Escape to Pompeii’. The end result will see the children writing a first person recount of the volcano of Pompeii and its eruption.


In addition to this, we will be continuing to learn all about the ‘Smashing’ Anglo-Saxons and the ‘Awful’ Ancient Egyptians in History, as well as visiting Jorvik Viking centre in York, to learn first-hand all about the ‘Vicious’ Vikings. In Geography, we are delving further into North America, different Landscapes and International Trade. In Science, the children will be continuing to  learn about classification of different animals, as well as the digestive system of humans in Biology, investigating solids, liquids and gases in Chemistry, and how sound and vibrations travel in Physics. In Art, we will be moving onto our brand new artist called ‘Pablo Picasso’ and learning about and experimenting with his technique in Digital Media and Sculpture, as well as learning about and investigating different structures in Design Technology. As always, the children will also be learning how to be a SUPERB citizen each week in Personal Development (Self-Aware, Unique, Problem Solving, Empathetic, Responsible and Benevolent).