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From September 2021 the Early Years Curriculum was amended. Please click below for a parent guide to these changes.

Important Information

  Please ensure your child brings a bottle of plain water to nursery every day. This will be kept in their individual      locker and to be used throughout the day whilst they are in nursery (WATER ONLY). Full-time children may bring            a drink of juice to have in their packed lunch box. 


 PE is on a Friday. Please ensure your children come to nursery in their PE wear, and ensure all items are clearly labelled with their name.


Reminder- no jewellery to be worn at any time by the nursery children. If children come with jewellery they will have to remove the item, if the item cannot be removed, the child will have to go home. 

Pirate Day - we had a great day. We followed clues on our treasure hunt which lead us around KS1, to reception and eventually to the nursery garden. We went around an obstacle course, walked the plank and then went into the hall for a pirate sing song. We had our pirate snack before it was time to go home.

Afternoon Nursery - pirate song

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Sports Day - we have had lots of fun practising our races and then actually racing infront of our families 😀

Summer Term 2 - This term we started with the story Billy's Bucket - we talked about sea creatures,  and sorted living creatures that live in the sea and do not in the sea. We then talked about being safe in the sea and on the beach and had a visit from a member of the RNLI.  Our second story was 'Sharing a Shell' - with this story we talked about where we lived and how it is good to share.  We also made passports and went on a journey on an aeroplane.  Our last story, 10 little pirates - with this we have learnt pirate songs, made obstacle courses together with walking the plank and talked about maps. 

Platinum Jubilee Day - We have had lots and lots of fun today. We came to school dressed in red, white and blue and wore our 'home challenge' crowns. We danced, sang, played pass the parcel and ate party food!

Click on the links below to listen to our lovely Jubilee singing smiley

Maths Day - We had a treasure box which would not open until we had taken part in lots of maths activities. Each time we did an activity we tried the box but it would not open so we had to keep going.

Maths Day Activities - We used ribbons to write numbers in the air and then we had a go at writing numbers on paper. We went into the hall and warmed up for P.E. to the music 5678.  We danced and counted to 10 using different voices and then we counted to 20 using different movements.  We played the corners game using shapes.  We made the numbers 0-5 using our bodies and also by getting into groups of that many and then we answered the scavenger hunt questions.   

Summer 1 - The Queen. - In preparation for the Queens jubilee we have started looking at stories with a royal theme. Our first story was 'Princess and the Pea' and we have also read 'Don't wake the royal baby', 'Peppa and the Queen' and many more. We have been talking about castles and comparing them to where we live. We have been working on our fine motor skills by decorating castles and crowns with gems. In the sand we have been building sand castles and making flags to stick into them and we have turned our role play area into a castle and have been dressing up as Queens, Kings, Princes and Princesses.

Summer Term 1 - We have been looking at ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’. We have been talking about our favourite foods, weighing, cutting out food to make a dinner plate, working in the farm shop and much, much more.

Spring has sprung!

Sprint Term 2 - We went for a lovely walk around the school grounds looking for signs of spring - we saw daffodils, bluebells, bird nests and much much more. 

Red Nose Day


Science Week

We celebrated science week by growing cress, by exploring bubbles and by doing an experiment with jelly bears.  We were also visited by the 'Science Boffins' and they gave us a demonstration of exciting science experiments. 



On the 3rd of March we Celebrated World Book Day as a whole school, which really encompassed the children's love of reading. Both the children and staff members dressed up as their favourite book character, and brought their favourite book along to Nursery with them. During the day we took part in many activities, such as a book scavenger hunt and played musical corners using some of the children's favourite books. 

We all had a wonderful day! See below for some pictures :) 

Pancake Day 2022

Today in Nursery we made and ate our own pancakes! Together we spoke about the ingredients we needed to make the batter for the pancakes, as well as the toppings we would like, discussing if they were healthy or unhealthy toppings. We then went to the school kitchen, prepared the batter and cooked the pancakes. The children got to choose their own toppings, before eating their pancake. 

Children’s Mental Health Week 2022 took place from 7-13 February. This year's theme was Growing Together, and in Nursery we created extra special activities which focused on the NHS 5 ways to well being:

  5. GIVE


 We started off the week with a visit from Police Officers Chris and Lauren, who came to talk to us about the role in which they have in the community and how they can help us to stay safe. We learnt about all of the equipment they carry, and also looked at their police van and listened to the siren. As part of the KEEP LEARNING strand, Chris and Lauren gave us all three challenges, which would help if we were in danger. 
Our challenges are, to know our:

  1. First name
  2. Surname
  3. Address 

We also took part in some active activities, and did a selection of our favourite dances, talking about how each made us feel. We spoke about what makes us happy and helps us to feel at our best, and we created our ideas and drew them onto a feather which will be displayed within the school. We ended our day with some yoga and meditation in which the children where transported to space and where encouraged to relax their mind and feel calm. 

Lunar New Year

This week we have been celebrating Lunar New year. We have been looking at how this is typically celebrated, as well as trying food and opening our own fortune cookies. We have also been looking at China, where this is on a map and differing landmarks within China. The children particularly enjoyed learning about the Great Wall of China, and even created their own Great Wall in the outdoor area!

The Three Little Pigs

Throughout the focus of reading this story, we have looked at differing types of buildings in our community and across the world. We have also spoken about what material makes a strong building. 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

JAN 2022- During this half term we will be looking at and exploring the Winter season. We will look at signs of Winter, as well as exploring ice and looking at typical clothes worn in Winter. 

Let's Celebrate

This half term in Nursery we will be looking at and exploring differing festivals and celebrations happening during this time.


Nursery would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Children in Need 2021


This week we have been listening to the Gruffalo story, taking part in Odd socks day to celebrate that we are all different and unique and creating autumnal pictures.

Poppy Day

This week in Nursery we have been talking about Remembrance and made our Poppies in differing ways. We also watched the Cbeebies Poppy Day film whilst we stayed silent for two minutes. 

This week in Nursery we have been working hard on practicing our gross motor skills and developing our muscles.

Fire Fighter Visit

As we have been talking about fire safety and how to keep ourselves safe during events at this time, we had a visit from the local Fire station. Steve the Fireman taught us to STOP, DROP and ROLL if we happen to get a spark on ourselves. We then went outside to look at the fire engine and had a go at shooting water from the fire hose.

Diwali and Bonfire Night

This week we have been talking about Diwali and Bonfire Night, learning about what these festivals are and how they are celebrated. We have also spoken  a lot about fire safety, and how to keep ourselves safe during these events.

 National Poetry Day 

The Nursery children have learnt this poem called All about me.

AM Performance.MOV

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PM Performance.mp4

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Colour Day

As part of our colour day, the children dressed up in colours, either their favourite or a colour relating to our colour monster story and how they feel. We took part in a science experiment, where we discovered that if we add water to coloured sweets the colour dissolves. We also explored mixing colours on our fingers!
We then had a colour disco with Reception children!
We have also been exploring colour throughout or provision this half term.


In Nursery we have been using our focus story of Goldilocks to explore our own families and who lives at our house. Our home project this half term was to create our own family tree. These have been displayed in the Nursery, and we have had lots of discussions about our creations.


The children have shown a keen interest in the changes happening outside, so we continued to explore the Autumn season in nursery. We looked at Autumnal objects, explored a pumpkin and the pulp and also encouraged the children to bring Autumnal objects they have found in to our interest table.


 In nursery we have been talking about Harvest and what this means.
Here are our performances of 'Dingle Dangle Scarecrow". 

AM performance (1).mp4

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PM performance.mp4

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The Colour Monster

This week in nursery we have been focusing our learning around the story, 'The Colour Monster'. The children have really enjoyed listening to the book and talking about the different feelings. This has shown through their individual learning and enthusiasm when creating their own colour monsters and talking about colour in their play. We used various ways to create the monsters, and the children really enjoyed this.


The children have also shown keen interest in our construction area outside, where they use their imagination and differing objects to become immersed in their play. The children used the wooden sticks as counting sticks, counting how many pots and pebbles they had lined up. 

Squiggle While you Wiggle and PE 

In Nursery we have been using our 'flappers' to create gross motor movements and shapes to the music in our 'Squiggle While you Wiggle Session'. We then continued practicing these skills during our PE session, and also played lots of games which involved listening and responding to instructions!

Our First weeks in Nursery- Settling in, making friends and showing our interests