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Our Maths Story

At Old Clee Academy, we aim to build happy, confident and resilient mathematicians!


An example of OCPA Spiralised Math's Approach



The above is an example of our spiralised maths approach (Y4 curriculum map- long term plan).Each topic is broken down into smaller steps (objectives) for each term. This is then recapped and built upon before starting the new topic for the term. For example, the pupils will tackle multiplying/dividing by 10 and 100 in the Autumn term which will be revisited and embedded in the Spring and deepened further in the Summer term. As a result of revisiting prior learning each term, it allows pupils to gradually develop a deeper understanding of the skills and processes within each topic, at their own pace! 


During the Autumn term, fluency is the primary focus as this allows pupils to master this element before progressing onto reasoning and problem solving. Once a child has grasped a mathematical concept, the idea is that they are exposed to varied fluency activities, which develop their understanding. This is then embedded in the Spring term through reasoning and problem solving activities and further deepened in the Summer term. 


Number Day - Friday 3rd February!

⭐️Number Day from Year 1 to 6 - from math investigations to coding/sequencing on the computer, all pupils had a fabulous time!⭐️ 



FS2 Parent Number Day - Thursday 2nd February

FS2 parents came in to celebrate Number Day. They took part in different activities, for example, number of the day, making numbers to 20 using everyday objects and counting. 

Multiplication Times Tables Parental Workshop - 31st January.

Please see attached documents that were shared with parents  on Tuesday 31st January 2023. 


KS1 Parental Workshop - January 23

The children loved teaching and practising mathematical skills and strategies with their parents. We had six stations where parents were able to learn about the mathematical strategies that gets taught in every day lessons. The child then practised the skills with their parents! Parents were then able to take their very own maths packs home to help support with any maths learning. 

Maths Day 21-22!


Kicked off this year's Maths Day by starting the day off with an exciting Maths Scavenger Hunt. The children worked in teams and used their skills as mathematicians to answer a range of problem solving questions! The children had a great time and enjoyed their prize from the treasure chest! The theme this year was maths across the curriculum. The children participated in a range of activities that involved looking at the Maths in different subject areas, for example, Year 5 looked at the Fibonacci sequence in Art, Year 4 looked at a book called Anno's Mysterious Multiplying Jar and Year 3 investigated the number systems across History.  

Maths Day Y5 - cross curricular Maths and Art!

Year 5 made cross curricular links between Maths and Art. They investigated what the Fiboannci Sequence is and identifed the relationship between the numbers. They used the Fibonacci numbers to create some artwork based on the Fibonacci 'golden spirals' .

Maths Day - FS2 Cross Curricular Maths/Reading!

FS2 enjoyed taking part in the Maths Scavenger Hunt!  As part of Maths Day (making cross-curricular links to other subjects) they have read Jack and the Beanstalk and enjoyed measuring and comparing Jack’s beanstalks in class.