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Welcome to Year 3!

Welcome to the Year 3 page. Please take the time to have a look at what we have been doing so far in Year 3 and also what we will be doing as the year progresses. 


Our Teaching Team consists of Miss Margarson, Miss Miller, Mr Clancy, Mrs Quantrill and Mr Townell


Important information

  • Year 3 PE days are: Tuesday every fortnight
  • Please make sure PE kits are in school all week.
  • Homework will be given out on a Friday and is due back in on the following Thursday.
  • Our topic for this half term is 'Rainforests'
  • Please visit the Curriculum Section under 'Key Information' to find out more about our learning this year and how you can help at home.

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Spiralised learning topic year 3

Year 3 Newsletter

Spring 1 Homework activity sheet

Perseus and Medusa!

Today, the children were treated to a performance of a Greek Myth as part of their ongoing theme for this term, Ancient Greece. Perseus and Medusa is a myth that they have learnt about in class so they all really enjoyed watching the action unfold in the performance!



A Day at the Circus!


Using the money raised from Enterprise (£700!), the year 3 children were treated to a workshop by a group of professional circus performers, Circus Avago. From the unicycle to spinning plates, the children had the opportunity to have a go at all their favourite circus acts. Once everyone had had a go at everything, Circus Avago arranged for the year 3 children to perform their own circus act to several other years throughout the school. It’s fair to say we may have several future circus performers in year 3!




Greek Day in Year 3!

In this term, the Year 3s are learning all about ancient Greece. Today, everyone in the year had the opportunity to dress up like an ancient Greek. There were plenty of fantastic costumes on show! Throughout the day, all of the children got the chance to take part in some Greek themed activities. Foods including olives and pitta bread were used as part of a Greek food tasting session. The children also got the chance to design their own Greek shield, and make a Greek salad!

Potion making (measuring volume)

World Book Day


Today was World Book Day, which saw the children dressed up as their favourite characters from books. From Harry Potter to Spider-Man there was a wide variety of costumes on display in year three! At the end of the day, the children got a chance to listen to all of their teachers read a story to them.

Counting Corners!


As part of the maths lesson today, children were challenged to find as many right angles as possible in their classroom. Items that were found to contain right angles were tables, reading books, trays and the sink!

Over 20 different right angles were discovered by one child alone!

Chocolate tasting!


In year 3, we were lucky enough to get a visit from a professional chocolate taster!

She taught us how to properly taste chocolate.

First, we had to taste a variety of things, including: marmite , sweet, sour, bitter and salt.

Then, we were blind folded and had to work out what we could smell. We had to smell: dark treacle, coffee, fresh fruit, raisins etc.

Finally, we got to taste the chocolate! We were taught to smell it first, then leave it on our tongue to melt. "Melt not munch!"

We had to identify what flavours were in the chocolate!

Transport making!

Mayan chocolate making

As part of our learning in D&T, we made Mayan chocolate. The Mayans (and Aztecs) were the first to discover cacao beans and they ground them down in to a powder. They then drank this with other ingredients such as cinnamon and chilli powder. The children had to follow instructions to create their very own Mayan chocolate




Enterprise markets (WINNERS 3RM)

Enterprise markets

Working together

Making fossils using jelly bears and bread

Autumn 2 spelling overview

Year 3 Newsletter - September 2018

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Airproducts visit

Still image for this video
Year 3 had an exciting science lesson from a company called 'Airproducts'. They want to inspire children to go in to science jobs when they grow up. Our science ambassadors used liquid nitrogen to freeze objects such as a sausage, a banana and a flower! We noticed how these objects changed due to 'speed freezing'. We also looked at fire as they set cotton buds alight to show how flames need oxygen to survive. They also showed us how gasses expand and made a balloon pop! Eventually we got to eat ice lollies, speed frozen by liquid nitrogen, and they were delicious.

Year 3 and 5 collaborative learning

Drumming lessons

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Every Monday, Year 3 will take it in turns to have a turn to learn to play the drums. Here's a sneak peak of what we got up to on lesson one!