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Welcome to Year 6!

We are looking forward to another busy year in Year 6. We enjoyed meeting parents, guardians and carers at our recent consultation meetings and we were really in appreciation of the positive feedback that the school and staff received. 

We hope this is going to be a great year and look forward to working in close partnership with you. 


Any questions during the year, please contact your child's class teacher via the class office. 


Thanks smiley


As a means of better informing you, we will be updating our spellings and Rockstar focuses every half term. 


The Teaching Team


The Year 6 teaching team consists of: 

Mr Dean (6JD)

Mr Cole (6PC)

Miss McLernon (6EM)

Mrs Formby (6TF)


Homework will be given out every Friday and will need to be handed back in every Thursday. 


P.E Kit 

P.E kit will be expected to be in every Monday morning and taken home Friday.


Spring Term 2 Spellings

Weekly Spellings- Spring Term 1

Weekly Spellings- Week 1 - Week 6


Rockstars Spring Term 2

Rockstars- Spring Term 1

Rock Stars Schedule- Autumn Term 2

Key Instant Recall Facts


Maths - Key Instant Recall Facts

Year 5 / 6 Spelling Words

High Frequency Words

Sports Relief


British Science Week 2020


World Book Day 

Thursday 5th March 2020


The children within Year Six have thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day, and enjoyed the activities involved. The children were involved in a variety of different activities including: a book review, on the book they are currently reading; a World Book Day book mark which they were able to colour and design and completing an interactive virtual quiz. 


Scroll down to see the fun that has taken place today!

World Book Day Book Reviews...


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Year 6 reading with Year 1

World Book Day Fun

Being a Geographer and learning all about different Biomes...

As part of our Year 6 Geography work, we’ve been studying Biomes. These are specific environmental regions around our planet, but they have very different conditions. This work shows how we created information posters to compare and contrast the geographical locations and features of these differing Biomes.

The children have learned a lot this year about the world and they can’t wait to learn all about Temperate Deserts!

laughlaughWear Red Day laughlaugh


6PC, 6TF, 6EM and 6JD all showed their support for charity by wearing red!

Fun was had all round!

Being an Artist and learning about Gerhard Richter...

This week, 6PC, 6EM , 6JD and 6TF have ALL been learning about the famous and highly well-known artist 'Gerhard Richter'. 


Year 6 have been looking at his painting techniques and how he uses 'layering'to create some amazing artwork. 


We have all been inspired by the high standard of work, and have decided to give it a go!

Below is the work in progress! We can't wait to see the final masterpieces!

Maths- Number Day 


Today for Maths Day, Year 6 have taken part in a fun Maths activity (which you may already know!) called Battleships.

This, however, is a slight twist compared to the board game! This task, saw Year 6 destroying each others 'battleships' and using an 'X' axis and a 'Y axis' with both positive and negative numbers. 

The children loved this activity!

Being a Geographer...


This week, 6PC have been investigating, comparing and contrasting the Rainforest biome with other biomes across the world (Tundra, Grassland, Aquatic etc). 


They were placed in groups and worked in teams to produces a variety of mindmaps!



BUG CLUB- The Red Lady 

Year 6 having been reading and answering questions on the their latest BUG Club book 'Risks and Thrills'. Within this book, there is a variety of mini stories, poems and information documents. This week, we have been looking at the spooky short story of The Red Lady which sees a mysterious lady whom is wearing red garments, saves a sailor from his doom of a sinking ship. Afterwards, she weirdly disappears!


The children were asked to draw the beach where the events happened by only using the description from the text!

Year 6 are being artists...


This half term, Year 6 are looking at the famous artist of Alberto Giacometti who is famous for his sculptures. The children have learned that Giacometti used to create his designs in an unique way- the limbs, arms and legs are longer than usual!

Scroll down to see some of the children's work!

Being a Readers and Writers...


For the next two weeks, 6PC, 6JD, 6TF and 6EM will be looking at 'Information Leaflets' in English. In particular, we will be looking at planning and creating a leaflet on the heart and how important it is to our body. 


In today's activity, children were asked to work in teams and research the following questions: 


1. What job does your heart do?

2. What foods should you be eating?

3. How often should you be exercising?

4. What dangers are there if you make bad choices?


The children loved this activity and enjoyed being able to investigate something so important. 


We, teachers, are looking forward to seeing the final products! 

Being a Designer 


Once again, Year 6 are being designers and planning on creating a burglar alarm, using their knowledge of circuits from Science. The children have learned that to make an effective alarm, they will need: copper, copper tape, wires, a battery, a buzzer (this will make the noise), and cardboard. 

The children have now planned their own burglar alarms and are very excited to make them in the upcoming weeks!

Being a Designer...


The children within Year 6 have now finished their photo frames- they thoroughly enjoyed decorating them! 

Being a Theologian...


On Wednesday 18th December, ALL year 6 children took part in an Religious Education day. The focus on this day was to learn about the words: freedom, justice, forgiveness and reconciliation- all of the words were related to our BUG Club book: The Road to Freedom. 

This book focuses on the aspect of American slavery between the 1780's and 1861 and the importance of the Underground Rail Road had on abolishing the slave trade. 


The children below, have completed a slave freeze-frame on abolishing slavery, and the master having to beg for forgiveness. What did the children decided? Forgiveness and reconciliation? Or to not forgive or forget! 


The children had some amazing ideas, thoughts and debates- we teachers, are sure they will come home with lots and lots information on the slavery decades.

Christmas Jumper Day 2019

Being Readers and Writers... 


During the past two weeks, Year 6 children have been learning about the General Election, the different parties and the main points of their manifestos. 


So, Year 6 have decided to create their own manifestos, their own party names and their own ideas. I am sure you will agree, that they look fantastic!



Year 6 visited the local church...


Today, the Year 6 children (alongside with other year groups within the school), visited Old Clee Church. Father Nick and the student council told the story of 'Mary, Joesph and Jesus', Mr Dean entertained us with his guitar skills and the children sang Christmas Carols including: Little Donkey, Starry Night and Silent Night. 


The children enjoyed the church visit and they were full of questions when they arrived back at school!

Year 6 LOVE being Scientists! 



This week in Science, Year 6 have been investigating how sound travels and how different aspects and variable can change the pitch of a noise. 

Our experiment consisted of 5 bottles, all filled with a different amount of water. Once blown into, each bottle made a different pitched sound (either a flat or high pitched sound). 

I am sure your children will share the results with you!


The facts which the Year 6 children LOVED.... 


Did you know that sound travels quicker through water and solids, then it does through air? 


Did you know that you cannot hear anything in space? 


Did you know that the vibrations in the molecules cause the sound to travel?



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Year 6 are being Designers...


In Design Technology, Year 6 have been planning, designing and creating a photo frame. Even though these are not the final products, it shows how hard the children have worked measuring, sawing and sticking the product together. 

Be sure to visit the website again in the next few weeks to see see the final products!





Being Athletes with Mr Broughton...

For P.E, Year 6 have been focusing on their running skills: these skills focus around jogging, sprinting, relaying and hurdling.

Year 6 Scientists investigating Magnets and the Magnetic Fields...


Today, Year 6 have been investigating the North and South 'pole' sections of the magnets and why identical poles repel and the opposite attracts. 

We have learnt lots of facts and I am sure your children will come home and share their newly-acquired knowledge with you.

Being Artists- Year 6 have been inspired by David Hockney


For Art, Year 6 have become artists and have been looking into the well known artist, David Hockney. 


Throughout his career, David Hockney has been an important contributor to the pop art movement of the 1960's and because of this, he is considered one of the most influential British artists of the 20th Century. 


In discussion with the classes, it is obvious that Year 6 liked the bright colours, textures and tones that he has used, as well as the unique things and objects  within his paintings. 


Below are some of the pictures that we have tried to re-create!



And here are some of the finished products by children within 6PC...

Anti-bullying Week

Tuesday 12th November 

Odd Sock Day 

Year 6 are being Scientists


Today, Year 6 had lots of fun when they experimented with solubility and investigated which products out of soil, sugar, sand, salt, tea leaves and coffee would dissolve. Here are the results below. 

Year 6 are being Poets


On Monday, Year 6 were lucky enough to spend some time with a local poet (Ian Bland) and enjoy a range of different poetry.  All children had a fantastic time, and many have found a new love of poetry. Below are some of the finished products of some children performing their poems.

We hope you are as blown away with the poems as we are!


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Learning to be Editors...

Learning to be a Scientist...

Evacuee Freeze-frames 


For the past few weeks, Year 6 have been learning how to become historians and have been focusing on Evacuees of World War 2. For this learning activity, children created a freeze-frame of the evacuees saying goodbye to their parents at the train station, before leaving to the countryside . In books, children then added speech bubbles and added emotions and feelings into them.